Zoe's Story - A T-shirt Quilt in the Planning

Notes from Monday, November 8, 2021:
I had the best conversation tonight with Zoe J. about creating her special t-shirt memory quilt.
Zoe picked up our t-shirt postcard at our tent event during Move-in Day her Freshman year at WFU. She kept the postcard and started planning her t-shirt quilt from the beginning of Freshman year. She saved shirts from Project Pumpkin, Arnold Palmer, Shag the Mag, Sports Medicine, CP3, Spring Fling, Inter-murals and LOTS of Wake Forest t-shirts. So many events and so many shirts to preserve!
Her family moved during her junior year and Zoe was afraid she had lost the postcard in all the packing. She frantically tried to find it and for many months she was afraid the postcard with our contact information was lost forever. When she moved back home during COVID, she found the postcard while unpacking! Hooray! She was so excited as she had searched and searched to try to find the postcard so she could remember how to contact us.
Zoe emailed me this September to tell me that she had been gathering her t-shirts and wanted us to create her special quilt. She had special plans for her quilt and wanted to know all the details about how to choose her favorite shirts. After pondering on which shirts to include, she had them ready to ship to us and they arrived at our home today. 
Zoe and I made plans to video chat and I laid her shirts out in a design that we could use for a good starting point. We arranged and rearranged until the shirts fell together in a pleasing arrangement. We discussed tones of gold and included our Roll the Quad fabric for the border with plans to include a stitching  design of Top Hats and Leaves for the quilting pattern. While I'm writing up the details of the design, Zoe told me her story about keeping our postcard since Move-In Day her Freshman year. It was a special story and I'm glad I can share it here.
But, do you know the best part? Zoe is not only designing her t-shirt quilt to preserve her memories, she's creating her Wake Forest memory t-shirt quilt for the next generation! How cool is that?!! She's planning multiple t-shirt memory quilts to pass them on to the next generation! What better way to preserve your memories and to pass those memories on in an heirloom quilt?
So precious....
There are many stories about the t-shirts that come through our home. How will you preserve your t-shirts and your memories?
The t-shirt quilts we create are NOT your average t-shirt quilt!!! Ask Zoe! She can tell you!
Thank you! Please help us spread the word about our custom designed t-shirt memory quilts. GO DEACS!
By the way...we make t-shirt memory quilts for any school.

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