Some guidance for choosing your t-shirts for a memory quilt

As you begin to start cleaning out the closets and bureaus to gather your shirts for a custom theme-stitched t-shirt memory quilt, I thought I would share some information to help you with the process.
Some guidance...
  1. Choose how you will use the quilt. Will it be used as a wall-hanging, throw for the couch, bed quilt or another use. This will help you determine how many shirts you will need.
  2. Choose your favorite shirts and put them in the middle of your layout.
  3. Now add shirts alternating dark and light colors till you reach the number of shirts you need. Lay them out like a grid.
  4. Take a picture and put a piece of masking tape (or something similar) on the side of the shirt you want preserved in the quilt.
  5. Send the shirts to me (be sure to let me know they have been shipped so I can keep an eye out for them to arrive). I'll help you with the color palette for sashing, border, binding, backing, thread color and most important is the custom theme quilt stitching pattern. Please include a deposit of 50 percent. The cost of the quilt is determined by the number of shirts included. View our sizes and pricing for more information. Our turn around time is usually 8-10 weeks but may be longer as graduation and Christmas are our biggest order times.
You can choose shirts in any theme or any school. We have over 1000 stitching themes to choose from.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at I look forward to creating your custom theme-stitched t-shirt memory quilt! 
Thank you!
Gloria Stickney

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