2022 Square in a Square Class: Kisses from your Beloved Sampler Quilt Class

2022 Square in a Square

Kisses from Your Beloved Sampler Quilt

Weekly Class (most weeks)

1:00-4:00 Tuesday or 6:30-9:30 Tuesday evening

Other days may be added as needed

 Start with a square in the middle and sew strips on the side.  Four easy trims to get the square in a square that you need.  This is what we call Option 1 of the Square in a Square system.  Use the Square in a Square system to create 40 options and the combination of options is UNLIMITED!

Join us starting January 18th for 13 SNS classes. Each class we will create a SNS block in class to create the Kisses From your Beloved quilt by Jodi Barrows. You will have a choice of two color themes: Country or Aqua/brights. Learn to trim precise units to create perfectly sized blocks. Our Sew Fabulous classes are a great time of learning, fun and fellowship.

You will need to attend an Introductory Class (January date to be determined) to learn the basics of the SNS technique. Cost of the introductory class is $30 plus $29.95 for the Square in a Square Ruler by Jodi Barrows.

Class Cost: Class cost is $20 per session which includes the precut fabric ready to sew. $24.95 Kisses from your beloved book. If you would like to create a second quilt, choose your color wave and we’ll have the blocks precut ready for class.

 Reserve your space TODAY. https://www.sewfabulousquilts.com/pages/contact

Please let us know:

  • Your quilting skill level (beginner, intermediated, advanced).
  • Days of the week you might be available if the Tuesday group fills up quickly
  • Which color theme would you like to create
  • Are you interested in a virtual class

 If you can’t do the 2022 project with us in person  but want to take only a few of the Kisses From your Beloved classes, please let me know which classes you will be interested in. Individual class cost is $35 which includes precut fabric.

 If you can’t take the classes but would like the kit, please let me know!

 Classes to be held in our home. Classes in person, in our home, is a maximum of 4 people per class.

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