Wake Forest Retirement Quilt

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One of my favorite quilts we have made was for Ron & Linda Wellman in honor of Ron’s retirement after 27 years at Wake Forest University.

There were several folks in the WFU Athletic department that worked on the idea and came up with t-shirts for each of the various sports. We combined these with our WF Roll the Quad fabrics and a personalized embroidered block. Then we added our special touch…the custom-themed stitching!

We were able to quilt a stitching theme of almost every sport in the design. We added the WF to the football helmet and included the following: basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, bandaids (sports medicine), pompoms & megaphones, stopwatches (track & field), tennis rackets & balls, golf clubs & flags, lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, balls & gloves.

The Athletic family presented the quilt to Ron and Linda and we’ve heard rave reviews of the event. Thank you Ron and Linda for your years of service! I’m glad we had a small part in your celebration. GO DEACS!

Scroll over the pictures to zoom in and see the amazing stitching detail—it's really cool!

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