Al Louden’s Memory Quilt (#1)

Al had a hard time choosing which shirts to preserve in his t-shirt quilt, so he just decided to make 2 quilts! One with more personal memories and one with more WFU memories (though it is hard to separate the two). Also check out Al Louden’s Memory Quilt (#2).
We decided to use an Old Gold and Black checkerboard theme that would compliment both quilts. The Fleur de Lis quilting pattern makes for a stately design. We used a black backing with gold thread which makes the design vivid! Al has a new office on campus and has his quilt hanging in his office! Way too Cool!!

How will you preserve your t-shirts???

Click the title of this quilt to open it’s webpage to see the pictures up close. Preserve your t-shirt and your memories with a custom themed memory t-shirt quilt created by Sew Fabulous. Click here for details to ORDER YOURS