State Championship Memories

The favorite things in life…basketball and baseball. This champion chose his favorite t-shirts to preserve the memories of the the challenges that led to success on the field and the court. Quilted in a basketball pattern.

Click on the pictures below to view the closeups.

Wake Wackos T-Shirt Quilt

Congratulations to Roz and Pat who chose to preserve their favorite Wake Forest University t-shirts in this precious quilt. Roz brought a bag full of tie dye and Wake Wacko t-shirts which we intermingled with Demon Deacon baby clothes to create this unique memory quilt. Their children’s baby clothes made unique blocks along with the WF baby sleeper we included in the border. The basketball quilting pattern completed this grand t-shirt memory quilt.

Preserve your memories and your t-shirts in a Sew Fabulous custom memory quilt.

Motorcycle Memory Quilt

In memory of Dan Boyd. Rebecca brought t-shirts to create memory quilts for each of her children from Dan’s t-shirts. What a special way to honor their father with his motorcycle t-shirts. Each quilt was designed with their choice of colors and shirts and quilted in a motorcycle quilt pattern. Click on the pictures below to view the details.

Tennessee Memory T-Shirt quilt

Jessie’s HS Graduation surprise! Mom saved Jessie’s UT t-shirts over the years and brought them to make into this awesome quilt! Tennessee is my home and we had a great evening of reminiscing! What fun! But what an even greater quilt! These were not my shirts, yet they brought back many fond memories I have of growing up in East Tennessee and watching UT play ball. Do you have any Tennessee shirts you want to preserve? Check out Jessie’s quilt below and click on the pictures of the closeups.

Fishing for REALLY BIG Fish!

For a fisherman of REALLY BIG FISH!! T-shirt preserved from fish sporting events and high school memories. We quilted this king size quilt for some King size fish in an anchor quilting pattern. Click on the pictures below to see the closeups. Preserve your memories and your t-shirts!

Carolina Home T-shirt Quilt

When living overseas, nothing is better than memories of home. We created this UNC memory quilt which now resides in their home in England. A great surprise by the orchestrations of wife and mom to preserve his t-shirts in this special quilt. Preserve your memories and your t-shirts. Click the pictures below to view the closeups.

High School Memory Quilt

A fun quilt in coordinating flower and stripes fabric. Add your favorite t-shirts and quilt in a cat chasing a ball quilt pattern and you find yourself with a wonderful memory quilt to take to college! This is a CUTE quilt!

The Science of Things

A special gift for a retired valuable member of the WFU Physics department! Each year the physics department at WFU designs a new t-shirt with the names of the students on the back. The shirts of this quilt were donated by the various members of the department to create Judy’s special memory quilt. We miss her in the office!

Louisiana Greek Life Memories

Anna Beth chose her favorite Kappa Delta t-shirts and shipped them to me from Louisiana. We arranged the layout to balance the color palette and included Anna Beth’s choice of sashing and border. Once we had the top ready for the quilter, we appliqued the big pink bow from one of the shirts to the top corner of the quilt. The bow added a special touch to the Sweetheart Roses quilting pattern. Click on the pictures below for a closeup.

Andrea’s WFU T-Shirt Quilt – Memories Preserved

Andrea preserved her favorite t-shirts in this Classic Gold, Black and White designed T-shirt quilt. The white thread blended with her shirts but made a beautiful contrast on the quilt back. The Flower and Vine pattern is an elegant quilt pattern.
Preserve your T-Shirts and your Memories. Click on the pictures to view the close-ups.

Class of 2013 T-Shirt quilt

This classy Wake Forest t-shirt quilt is a combination of Alyssa’s favorite t-shirts. She chose a good combination of shirts that preserve her memories. The balance of light and dark shirts make a great pallet. Combined with the white sashing and a double border of gold and black, these shirts will remind her of the cherished memories while a Demon Deacon student.  Congratulations, Alyssa!!!

Click the pictures below for close ups. Preserve your t-shirts and your memories!

Taylor’s Kappa Delta Memories Quilt

Taylor chose her favorite Kappa Delta t-shirts to combine with a white sashing and a green tone on tone fabric for the backdrop of this quilt. The quilted rose buds provide a classy finishing touch to this beautiful memory quilt. Congratulations, Taylor!

Click the pictures below to view the closeups. Preserver your memories and your tshirts.

Al Louden’s Memory Quilt (#1)

Al had a hard time choosing which shirts to preserve in his t-shirt quilt, so he just decided to make 2 quilts! One with more personal memories and one with more WFU memories (though it is hard to separate the two). Also check out Al Louden’s Memory Quilt (#2).
We decided to use an Old Gold and Black checkerboard theme that would compliment both quilts. The Fleur de Lis quilting pattern makes for a stately design. We used a black backing with gold thread which makes the design vivid! Al has a new office on campus and has his quilt hanging in his office! Way too Cool!!

How will you preserve your t-shirts??? Click the pictures below to see the closeups.

Tieg’s Sorority T-Shirt Quilt

Purple is one of Tieg’s favorite colors, so we chose this mottled purple fabric for the border of her quilt. The anchor and stars quilting pattern reflects the motto of the sorority. How will you preserve your t-shirts? Click the images for close-ups.

Gymnastics T-Shirt Quilt

A Tennessee Tumbler preserved her gymnastics t-shirts and outfits in this special custom designed t-shirt quilt. The coordinating pink fabrics complimented her shirts. This special quilt is stitched in a gymnastics quilting pattern.

Go Army! T-Shirt Quilt

Kimberly surprised Josh with this custom designed t-shirt quilt. She dug through the closet to find t-shirts that had been forgotten but saved. She sent them to me and asked me to do something special with Josh’s shirts.

Some of the T-Shirts were large with 20 inch pictures. So we combined the sleeves from some and the pictures from others. Added the gold and black sashing and borders and quilted it in a footballs and helmets quilting pattern to design this special Memory T-Shirt Quilt.

How will you preserve your T-shirts? Click the pictures to see the close-ups.

Al Louden’s Memory T-Shirt Quilt (#2)

Al created 2 t-shirt quilts…One from his favorite family and Wake Forest Events and another one of Wake Forest University events and projects. We chose an Old Gold and Black checkerboard pattern to frame the shirts then coordinated with gold thread and black backing to make 2 complimentary quilts. Be sure to check out the pictures from quilt #1.

Click on the pictures below for closeups. How will you preserve your t-shirts?

Delta Zeta T-Shirt Quilt

Amelia combined her greek life t-shirts with her Wake Forest University t-shirts to create this special design. The old gold and black borders makes a great frame for this quilt. The floral and vine quilting pattern in gold thread looks great on the black backing. GO DEACS!

Colin’s T-Shirt Quilt

After graduation, Colin sent me his t-shirts and asked me to create his special t-shirt memory quilt. We used a gold backing and black thread and quilted the deacon head in this abstract puzzle quilting design. His t-shirts and memories are preserved in this special quilt.

Nick’s Track T-Shirt Quilt

Nick graduated from Wake Forest University and continued at WFU to earn his physics graduate degree. While an undergraduate, he ran on the track team and competed in ACC events. He saved his WFU t-shirts along with the ACC t-shirts to combine in this AWESOME t-shirt quilt. We designed a track quilting pattern especially for this quilt. Now he has a memory quilt that contains his t-shirts from the various events as well as a quilting pattern of his favorite sporting activity. Preserve your t-shirts and your memories in a custom designed t-shirt quilt!

Meredith College T-Shirt Quilt

Mamie preserved her college t-shirts in this special quilt. She played basketball while in college so we quilted it in basketballs and stars and stitched the surrounding border in stars. A very special quilt for her very special memories!

Texas A & M T-Shirt Quilt

Karl asked me to create his t-shirt quilt with the shirts he had saved from his undergraduate days at Texas A&M. I found coordinating fabrics for his school colors and used a football and helmets quilting design. Now he has a special memories T-Shirt quilt preserving his t-shirts. Thanks, Karl! I think your quilt turned out great! As well as the many quilts that have followed in its path.


Leslie’s Wake Forest University T-Shirt Quilt

Leslie preserved her Wake Forest University t-shirts from her favorite events while in school…travel aboard, sororities, ballgames, etc. She chose a WFU color theme and we quilted it in the desert rose quilting pattern. How will you preserve your t-shirts? Click the pictures for closeups.

Monica’s DZ and WFU T-Shirt Quilt

Monica’s favorite Delta Zeta T-shirts combined with sororiety colors tie together her favorite sororiety memories at Wake Forest University.

Monica shopped for coordinating fabrics which she brought with her t-shirts to have included in her quilt.

Kappa Delta & WFU Memories T-Shirt quilt

Martin’s Jamaica T-Shirt Quilt

Martin saved his t-shirts from 10 years of missions trips to Jamaica. Each year (providing hurricanes don’t keep them away!)  Pinedale Christian Church gathers a team of volunteers to travel to the highlands of Jamaica providing medical/dental services, teaching vacation bible school to the area churches, and assisting with the orphanage. These T-Shirts bear the memories of these trips and the people Martin has served.

Nicole’s Wake Forest University Cheering T-Shirt Quilt

Nicole saved her t-shirts from cheering in the WFU ballgames. We added the cheering quilt pattern which includes pompoms, megaphones, footballs and basketballs. Great memory quilt!

Alabama Quartet Concert Memories T-Shirt Quilt

Mitzi and her husband saved their t-shirts from 25 years of attending Alabama Concerts!  Now that’s a REAL Fan!! Did you save any of your concert T-Shirts?

Phi Mu Wake Forest T-Shirt Quilts

Katie collected her favorite PhiMu Sorority T-Shirts and combined them with her Wake Forest T-Shirts. She designed the layout of pink and black to stretch diagonally from the corners then filled in the gaps with her favorite T-Shirts.

Style: 36 Phi Mu and Wake Forest T-shirts with a 4 patch in the lower left.

Quilted: June 2010.

Quilting Design: Katie chose a floral quilting pattern for the main part of her quilt then added a coordinating floral border and thread. See the pictures below for details.

Brittany’s Kappa Delta T-Shirt Quilt

Brittany chose her favorite Kappa Delta T-Shirts and laid out this Greens and White design to preserve her Greek Life memories at Wake Forest University. She chose a checkerboard layout of the Kappa Delta color combinations for a classy design. Brittany’s quilt includes the rose quilting pattern. Notice how she chose a hunter green backing for her quilt and used the white coordinating thread to bring out her quilting design.

Josh’s Wake Forest University T-Shirt Quilt

Josh’s parents surprised him with this WFU T-Shirt quilt for graduation. Josh has a favorite past-time in the ocean so they chose a surfboard quilting pattern. Check out the pics!!

TriDelta T-Shirt Quilt

Bridgett chose 25 shirts to preserve in her graduation quilt. She provided a printed gold and black fabric and we quilted it in a cheering quilt pattern which made this a VERY nice quilt! Congratulations!

House Divided T-Shirt Quilt

This family cheers for both teams so they have a T-Shirt quilt with both teams included!

Campbell T-Shirt Memories

Katie saved her t-shirts from her college days at Campbell University. We designed a pharmacy quilting pattern to coordinate with her degree. Congratulations, Katie!

Lauren’s Turtle Quilting Greek Delta Zeta T-Shirt Quilt

The Delta Zeta Turtle mascot makes this T-Shirt quilt special. The sorority T-Shirts are complimented with a turtle quilting pattern.  Note how she chose a pink and black checkerboard design for her sashing.

Wedding Present T-Shirt Quilt

The Sister of the Bride secretly collected the T-shirts from the Bride and Groom and surprised them with this custom designed T-Shirt quilt for their wedding. CONGRATULATIONS!

Kimball High School Class Reunion – Raffle T-Shirt Quilt

Kimball High School in Southern West Virginia no longer exists. But it is still very much alive in the hearts of its alumni! This quilt represents their 40th year reunion held in September 2011 in Winston-Salem, NC.

This T-Shirt quilt was raffled by Kimball High School alumni September 2011.

Quilting Design: This elegant quilt is quilted in dogwoods and cardinals. The dogwood motif flows down the sides of the quilt borders. The cardinals are guarding the corners, center top and bottom borders. The coordinating leaf design is stitched through the center of the quilt.

UNC TarHeel T-Shirt Quilt

For our UNC Friends! Their favorite UNC T- Shirts combined with UNC colors make this a wonderful memory T-shirt quilt. Vicky supplied the shirts and the fabric. We worked the magic and created this AWESOME quilt. A TRUE UNC fan who now has a UNC T-SHIRT Quilt that has a place of honor in their home. Zoom in on the pictures below to see the basketball quilting pattern.

Quilted: December 2010

Quilting Design: Basketball quilting to remember those special UNC basketgall games.

School Memories T-Shirt Quilt

A nice surprise! Mom saved her t-shirts and brought them to me to create this special memory T-Shirt quilt. She chose a ballet quilting pattern to combine with the yellow and purple.