Personalized and Customized Theme-stitched Memory T-Shirt Quilt! Watch the video!




So many t-shirts and precious memories that should not be forgotten or lost. Preserve your t-shirts and your memories by letting us create an exclusive custom theme-stitched memory t-shirt quilt personalized just for you!

Creative ideas for your custom memory t-shirt quilt can be found on our website where we have over 50 quilt designs. Be sure to watch the video at the top of the page. Choose a featured quilt and click the picture to view close-up details. Notice the stitching patterns of each quilt. The t-shirts preserve your memories, but the stitching pattern preserves your loves. You choose your color scheme and the layout of the shirts, and we do the rest!

Would you prefer a t-shirt quilt made from fabrics of your choice? Wonderful! We can preserve anyone’s t-shirts with a custom theme-stitched design. There are lots of ideas on our t-shirt quilt gallery page.

Pricing and sizing can be found at the bottom of the T-Shirt ORDER YOURS tab.