Hand Turned Quilting Stiletto and Seam Ripper Combo


Quilting stiletto and seam ripper

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Crafted in our Sew Fabulous woodworking shop, this individually hand-turned quilting stiletto and seam ripper dueo is a perfect gift for the quilter or seamstress. Woodwork crafted on the Sew Fabulous lathe in the woodworking shop, chiseling, sanding and buffing until each piece feels luxurious. The stiletto and seam rippers can be removed from the core and reinserted so that the sharp points are buried in the handle which makes for a wonderful combination quilting tool.  Packaged in a white gift box, this makes a wonderful gift for the quilter in your family.

We can also create custom designed pens, letter openers, quilting stilettos, and seam rippers. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 336-499-0167 to discuss a custom order.