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A friend's father passed recently and she struggles with missing him and spending time with him. So her brother came up with the idea of sharing a part of their father's memory with her. He brought me 2 of their father's favorite shirts and said, "Can you create something small, just something to cover her lap? Her favorite color is green."

So we set forth with the task of being creative and using the fabrics from 2 shirts and adding some green to create a quilt. The simple star points of the design worked perfect for the fabrics we used and we stitched a theme of bibles, doves and crosses to represent their faith in Jesus Christ for the quilting. 

We kept it a secret, though it was hard because I wanted to tell my friend about our progress. But mums the word.

Here's the story from my friend about Christmas morning.

"I have not been one that looks forward to getting gifts for Christmas or for any holiday for that matter, however, I LOVE to give gifts!  This Christmas when asked what I wanted for Christmas I would say, "I just want everyone together."  My brother, who lives 7 hours away from me kept telling me he had the perfect gift for me, and I kept telling him I didn't need anything other than my family.  You see, my mom passed away 4 years ago and my dad passed in February, my brother has become even more special to me because we have endured the loss of our parents, together even though miles separate us. 

When my brother handed me the gift bag he started to tear up, which is something he NEVER does.  I just looked at him and halfway smiled, trying to figure out what was going on.  I looked in the bag and saw a blanket folded up.  First thing I thought of what, "I have so many... why another one."  I quickly opened it up and saw that two fabrics on the quilt were made from my daddy's 2 favorite shirts.  I grabbed it out of the bag and actually covered my face with it and just cried like a baby.  Just a side note, I am not one to show my emotions in front of others but on Christmas day there I was blubbering in front of my family.  I look at this quilt everyday and smile because it's like I have a little piece of my daddy with me.  This quilt is always within arms reach of me while in the living room.  I cover up with it when I am cold or just when I want a hug from my daddy.  I might be 44 years old, but I will ALWAYS be my daddy's girl!

Thank you, Sew Fabulous team, for taking such treasured items and turning them into a masterpiece of love that I can enjoy daily!"
Great words from my friend. I also had a little bird tell me that her dad's cat now lives with them and the cat has chosen this quilt to snuggle up in. We all need comfort in special times in special ways. God Bless You All!
Posted January 10, 2021

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