Christmas Yuletide Quilt Set

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Christmas Yuletide is a Queen Quilt Set which includes a 94″ x 94″ 9-patch log cabin quilt, 2 custom quilted pillow shams in a holly theme and 2 – 17″ patchwork pillows all quilted in a holly theme. This gorgeous quilt has a 12-15″ drape on a queen size bed. The red and green fabrics of the log cabin make a marked contrast to the light fabrics of the lob cabin design.  The 9-patch centers make for an unusual pattern of this log cabin design.  The solid red border framing the quilt is stitched in holly which makes an excellent accent to the quilt.

The coordinating red quilted pillows create a beautiful contrast to the quilt. I used an an iridescent white thread to stitch the center motif in the pillow shams and along the outside cuff. The patchwork pillows are framed in red to compliment the shams and the quilt. The patchwork pillows are also quilted in a holly design

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