Custom T-shirt Quilts

This t-shirt was designed for WF Student Life

Preserve your memories and your T-shirts with a custom designed t-shirt quilt. Pricing and sizes can be found here.

Use this form to start working out the options for your custom quilt. Send it along to us and we can suggest options and ideas of the best ways to preserve your memories.

You can also browse our gallery of T-Shirt quilts for ideas, or if you have any questions please call us at (336) 499-0167 or email me at [email protected]

Each of our t-shirts are custom designed so please complete the information below to begin the process of creating your special custom memories t-shirt quilt!

Start Your Quilt

  • Choose the number of t-shirts (squares) you want to include in our quilt. Try to choose pictures that are 12 inches or smaller. Note: If you want to use the front and back of the same shirt, that will equal 2 squares.
  • Choose the design for the sashing (part between the shirts). Do you want 1 color ( like a frame) or 2 colors (like a checkerboard)?
  • What could would you like the 4" border to be? (part around the outside of the quilt)
  • Choose a color for the back of the quilt. It looks really cool if the backing and thread are contrasting colors so that the stitching will stand out.
  • 5) Now the SPECIAL part!!! Choose a quilting pattern. What is the favorite things in your life, sports, music, dance, scholar, etc.? This pattern will show up in the stitching in your shirts and the back of the quilt.
  • Choose a thread color. The same color thread will be used for the top and back of the quilt. Choose a color that will contrast with the quilt backing yet will not detract from the message of your shirts on the front.
  • Choose a color for the binding. Note: the binding is the edging that holds the front and back together. Choose a color that will compliment both front and back.
  • You're almost done now.  We embroider a small label to include on the back corner of your quilt. What would you like included in this message? Most common labels are:  your name, school, and year of graduation.
  • Most commonly entered as the name of the person the quilt is for
  • Most commonly used for name of schoool
  • Most commonly used for year of graduation

General Pricing

12 Shirts (3 x 4 shirts)
15 Shirts (3 x 5 shirts: Throw Size)
16 Shirts (4 x 4 shirts)
20 Shirts (4 x 5 shirts)
24 Shirts (4 x 6 shirts: Twin bed)
25 Shirts (5 x 5 shirts)
30 Shirts (5 x 6 shirts: Full bed)
36 Shirts (6 x 6 shirts)
42 Shirts (6 x 7 shirts: Queen bed)
49 Shirts (7 x 7 shirts: King bed)
Note: Pricing is based on a 12″ shirt square