Christmas Yuletide Quilt Set

Christmas Yuletide Queen Quilt Set

Christmas Yuletide is a Queen Quilt Set which includes a 94″ x 94″ 9-patch log cabin quilt, 2 custom quilted pillow shams in a holly theme and 2 – 17″ patchwork pillows all quilted in a holly theme. This gorgeous quilt has a 12-15″ drape on a queen size bed. The red and green fabrics of the log cabin make a marked contrast to the light fabrics of the lob cabin design.  The 9-patch centers make for an unusual pattern of this log cabin design.  The solid red border framing the quilt is stitched in holly which makes an excellent accent to the quilt.

The coordinating red quilted pillows create a beautiful contrast to the quilt. I used an an irresdescent white thread to stitch the center motif in the pillow shams and along the outside cuff. The patchwork pillows are framed in red to compliment the shams and the quilt. The patchwork pillows are also quilted in a holly design.

This complete ensemble makes a stunning queen bed cover.

Exploding Christmas Star

Celebrate the Christmas Season with this Exploding Christmas Star. The “A Very Merry Christmas” embroidered center is the focal point of the rays extending through the red and green piecework of the star. Candy canes and sugar plums dance around the red border. A hanging sleeve supports this 32″ x 32″ quilted wallhanging. Exploding star is a Square in a Square design by Jodi Barrows.


Wedding Signature Quilt in Teal & Gold

Congratulations to Ryan and Heidi upon the marriage. This signature quilt was created from signatures and special messages from their guests, wedding party and family members. Ryan’s mom added a special touch with additional motif’s and quotes to make this a special quilt conveying the special bond of marriage.

Heidi chose the colors of their wedding to be included in the quilt. The signature squares from their wedding were combined with the quilt design and completed in time for their reception here in North Carolina.

Please email us if you are interested in creating a custom signature wedding quilt.

Birthday Signature Quilt

“Happy Birthday, Mom!” Judy A. custom ordered this quilt for her mother’s 80’s birthday. We designed the large solid squares for the family members to sign and the smaller solid squares for the guests to sign.

Judy chose the color pallette and we made suggestions to complete the design. The completed design made a beautiful quilt ready for Mom’s birthday.

Are you interested in a custom made signature quilt? Send an email to [email protected]


Love must be sincere

I designed this award winning quilt in the Fall of 2013 for a friend who presented this as a wedding gift to her dear friend of many years. The majestic star in the center is quilted in a Forget Me Knot pattern and is surrounded with with many borders. Note the scriptural verse of the quilt, Love Must Be Sincere, is quilted in the narrow border inside the star border. Each border star center is quilted with a design reflecting the important things in the couples lives.  The quilt is coordinated in the color theme of their wedding and has many quilted motifs hidden within it. Please read below for the descriptions of the quilted plan. Click on the individual pictures for closeups.

What Cancer Cannot Do

Great source of encouragement for Cancer patients and survivors. Would you like to give one of these Cancer Encouragement quilts? Messages of encouragement are included in the squares of the quilt. Pictured here are 2 quilts, one themed in birds of a feather and one with a floral theme. For each cancer quilt sold, a donation will be made to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in honor of my nephew battling rhabdomyosarcoma.

Aunt Grace Quilt

Linda T. created this fabulous Aunt Grace quilt. Pieced from 1930’s fabrics, this intricate design captures the simple beauty of precision piecework. We chose simple quilting designs to compliment quilting of that era. Click on the pictures below to view the closeups.

Crazy LogCabin

WOW!! Bright colors and abstract cuts make take this wacky LobCabin quilt to a new level. Wanda D. took her scraps from her stash and just started sewing and cutting. Look what came out!

Lavender Splendor

First Place Winner Medium Pieced Quilt made by one person category in the 2013 Heart of the Triad Quilt Guild Show.

Rae Lane, our Sew Fabulous faithful employee, created this beautiful quilt. She quilted her custom pieced embroidered design at Sew Fabulous. Each block is individually embroidered and showcased in the framed quilting pattern. The dogwood border is complimented with the white binding. Beautiful work, Rae! Congratulations!

Midnight in the Forest

Third Place Award in “Other” Category in 2013 Heart of the Triad Quilt Guild.

This black cotton sateen wholecloth quilt is designed in the Wake Forest University theme of Old Gold and Black. The quilt is constructed of cotton and wool layered batting, complimented by the gold and white floral themed pattern.

This quilt measures 47″ x 57″ and I would consider a reasonable offer for sale.

Lynn’s Gift

Lynn S. created this quilt for her brother. Pictures exhibit the detail quilting in the borders as well as the longarm quilter in motion.

Shirley D’s Square in a Square Sampler

Shirley took one of our Square in a Square (SNS) technique classes and used it as the starting point for this quilt. Each block is made with the SNS design of squares and strips. No triangles were cut to do this piecework. Shirley combined the warm blends of blues, browns and reds to create the designs of this quilt.

The pieced back shows the advanced expertise of this quilt. Shirley used her extra blocks in a strip down the back of the quilt. We lined up the top and back to match the precise points. Click the pictures below to zoom in to see the details. Create your next quilt using the SNS method.
Precision pieced back matched to the precise top.

Ashley D’s memory quilts

These 2 quilts are preserved from Ashley’s memories….

Civil War Quilt

We host a monthly Sisters of the Square in a Square Society Meeting. Each month creating a new SNS block. Shirley joined our 2013 group to create this quilt from the blocks we used in the “Kisses from your Beloved” Quilt classes  from a Jodi Barrows design. Each block is quilted in a unique design to enhance the pieced block. Click on the pictures below to see the closeups.


Here Comes the Bride

Michael and Danielle Miranda (WFU Law School, Class of 2013) came to see me last fall (2012) and brought the aisle runner from their wedding. A beautiful 100 feet runner from The Original Runner Co. Painted with vines, flowers and monogrammed names and date in the center. They asked me to find a way to preserve it. Is there a way it could be quilted?

I pondered for a while, determining how to best preserve the visual affect as well as the technical details of quilting around the three-dimension 8″ flowers. The pictures below illustrate the quilting details I created for this beautiful piece. Notice the echoing around their names and date, the hearts quilted in the open spaces and the diagonal lines which provides a modern appeal.

Congratulations, Michael & Danielle! Your aisle runner, now wallhanging, is an awesome reminder of that special day you committed your lives to one another! God Bless You!

Star in the Night Quilt

The glow of the star is created using the narrow and wide strips of the yellow and purple. The alternating direction of the diamond makes the inner star shine. The sparkle is made by the graduation from light to bold in the yellow fabrics. The purple fabric brings the night from soft to dark.

Each strip of the star is stitched in the ditch to highlight the layers of the color. The radiance of the star is surrounded by a floral quilting pattern with an occasional butterfly in the accent color.

The borders were designed with the fabrics of the star. The yellow diagonal strips follow the pattern of the star. Each border strip is individually quilted to showcase the flow of the motif.

Regal Splendor Quilt

Designed with the gold and purple of royalty, the quilting design of the blocks is a crown. The center of the blocks and the sashing centers are quilted in a daisy design.

I created this for the Heart of the Triad Quilt Show in 2009. It has won multiple awards in multiple shows.

A Very Merry Christmas Quilt

Heart of the Triad Quilt Guild: 2011 Quilt Show, First Place Wallhanging Division

The design of this wall-hanging is a multi-pieced star, custom quilted with holly leaves. Created with the Square in a Square technique, I used a variety of red and green fabrics to make the points of the star. The radiant lines around the embroidered tree brings out the focal point of the center.

Nana’s Musical Dreams Quilt

2010 Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Show – First Place Wholecloth Quilt

I created this queen size wholecloth quilt for my mother’s 70th birthday. Our family heritage is 4 generations of pianist which is the theme of this quilt.

Allan’s Quilted Tablerunner

Allan recently remodeled his home. He asked me to visit and see the tile work he had incorporated in the new design. It was wonderful. Laid out with small diamonds and rectangles, the theme flowed everywhere….from the focal point of the fireplace, library,  office and throughout the home.

He asked me to design a tablerunner that would fit with the new decor. So now I had a challenge…how to repeat the theme of the tile in the quilt. And this is what I came up with. The long narrow border of the diamonds matches the frame around the fireplace and the rest of the accent in his home. The shadow quilting in the center made for a nice linear contrast. Zoom in to see the detail.

Turning 20 Quilt

This is Rebecca’s first pieced quilt. She used 20 pieces of fabric to cut and rearrange to make this simple yet elegant design. The black thread with the flowers and vines quilting pattern makes a luxurious design with this very nice quilt!

Wedding Hearts Quilt

This abstract design was created from a variety of tone on tone beige, white and brown fabrics to create a simple background for this bed size quilt.

This was a wedding gift for Patrick & Emily so we chose a design of meandering hearts and flowers. The border is a variegated repeating heart with a heart in heart corner pattern.

Garden Lattice Quilt

The elegance of this whole cloth quilt showcases the marvelous designs of the computerized quilting. The lattice of the garden and the flow of the flowers makes this a very special gift. Click on the pictures for closeup details.

Mathematical Configurations Quilt

I created this quilt for my son, Jonathan, for his college graduation gift. I designed this quilt using the Square in a Square method using squares and strips to create each of the blocks. This quilt has over 900 pieces. The precision of the Square in a Square design is enhanced with the point-to-point quilting in alternating colors. The secondary block quilting is centered in the small blue square between the sashing. The two borders complete the design with the coordinating threads. The quilting backing reveals the quilting hidden from the front.

Turning Twenty (Fat Quarters) Custom Quilt

Twenty fat quarters (18″ x 22″ pieces of fabric) make the pallet for this pretty pink and blue quilt. Quilted in Sweethearts.

Hour Glass inside an Hour Glass Custom Quilting

This is a commissioned quilt for Christmas 2011. The family photos printed on fabric combined with the Hour Glass type design makes this a very special quilt.

Bunny Applique Quilt

A new grandmother to be created this Bunny Applique Quilt and asked me to quilt it for her. We have bunnies and hearts quilted all through the quilt. See the pictures for more details.

Attic Windows Custom Quilt

This Attic Windows quilt was quilted in a dragonfly quilt pattern for a customer.

Virginia’s Baby Quilt

The Children’s Toys quilting pattern is clearly seen in the soft minky fabric backing. The coordinating border is quilted in Bunnies & Hearts.

Shirley’s Puzzles Quilt

Colorful sampler of intricate pieced blockes makes this a very unique quilt and a stunning display.

Owner: Shirley W., Winston-Salem, NC

Style: Color theme was coordinated with the primary colors of the border fabric. This sampler exhibits the various twists and turns of the pieced work combined with the nine patch block.

Quilted: August 2010

Quilting Design: Each block is pieced in an open scroll to compliment the block patterns.

Santa’s Toys Quilt

Santa quilting panel surrounded by a miniature toys border. I used a fleece backing and a coordinating red thread with the toys quilting pattern to create this fun children’s quilt. Great quilt to snuggle and read a Christmas story to your favorite child.