WF Black Tablecloth

WF Black Tablecloth

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Black WF Tablecloth for your next Wake Forest gathering of food and fellowship.


Create your Wake Forest table setting with a WOW affect with this beautiful black WF tablecloth! The black hemstitched cotton tablecloth measures 54" x 54" and has a 4" gold WF embroidered in each corner.

Make your table stunning by layering the table first with a white tablecloth as the base layer. Top it off with the black WF tablecloth. Add the Roll the Quad Plate and Bowl cozy for a dramatic affect.  Lastly, include a folded WF napkin. Now you have created a stunning magazine ready tablesetting. GO DEACS!

Ensemble pieces to include:

Roll the Quad Plate Cozy

Roll the Quad Bowl Cozy

WF Napkins

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