Quilt Classes - Kisses From Your Beloved Sampler Quilt - Beginning January 8, 2024 (Evening class)

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Quilt Classes - Kisses From Your Beloved Sampler Quilt - Beginning Monday, January 8, 2024

A Civil War Love Story 

Square in a Square Technique (SNS)

14 Quilting Lessons beginning January 8, 2024 (Evening Schedule)

Here's a special invitation for our upcoming Square in a Square Classes

The video below describes the Square in a Square technique and why it's our favorite piecing method.

 We're looking forward to teaching this Square in a Square class and hope you will join us!

Class Group:  Monday evenings, dates listed below
60" x 73" Quilt measurements

Reserve your space in our Square in a Square quilting classes to begin January 8, 2024, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.! We will create this amazing Sampler Quilt using just squares and strips! No triangles or Y seams! Just squares, strips, sew, trim and chain together! Beginner to Advanced students welcome!

You'll love this class! Choose your favorite color wave below (or choose multiple projects) and we will PRECUT the fabric and have it ready for you to sew at class time! Yes, you read it correctly, we will precut the squares and strips to have ready for you to sew at class time.

Kisses From Your Beloved is a Sampler Quilt using the Square in a Square technique developed by Jodi Barrows. I have taught this quilt multiple times. The students have been early beginning students to advanced quilters. Each student has completed their block assignments and you can too! In class, we will create the 12 sampler blocks (1 per lesson), a lesson on creating the 9 patch sashing and the final lesson will help you with the quilt layout. Note: Class #14 - Quilt Layout class will be No charge!

 Kisses From your Beloved includes a Civil War love story of letters shared between Duvall and Sadie. One letter for each quilt block. The sampler book has full color photos for each quilt block and instructions to complete the quilt. We will work through the quilt piecework together.

Classes will be held at Georgia Taylor Community Center. A wonderful facility with large rooms, lots of lights, tables and chairs located at 1471 W. Clemmonsville Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27127 (Note: Community Center is behind the gymnasium). Classes start at 6:00 p.m. so plan to arrive on time to set up your sewing machine so class can quickly get started as the facility closes at 9:00 p.m.

 Class Details:

1) Students, choose your color scheme of: Option: A: Traditional Civil War colors, or Option B: Peaches and Browns or Option C: Bright Primary Colors , or Option D: Gray, Black and White with your choice of accent color, of D: You choose, come the shop and pick your colorwave!! See photos below of some of the fabric choices. Would you like to see and feel the fabrics? Just contact me for an appointment to stop by. Feel free to ask for more color details. Contact me HERE

Note: Would you like to work on a second quilt? You can choose an additional color-wave for $15 per block plus border/sashing yardage AND we will precut the second kit! Please tell me in the comment section which color-wave you would like to choose. Second kit will be paid at class time.

2) Reserve your space today (Minimum 7 students & Maximum 20 students) by paying for the first class through this webpage. The reservation confirms your spot in the class and Lesson 1. Lessons 2-13 will be paid directly to the Winston-Salem Parks and Recreation registration pages. Class 14 is no charge.

3) Cost: $25.00 per lesson which INCLUDES your PRECUT fabric. (Note: Lesson 14 will be free for all who complete the course)

4) Location: Georgia Taylor Community Center, 1471 W. Clemmonsville Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27127 (beside Griffin Elementary School and behind the gymnasium)


We will have fun a class so plan to join in and invite a friend! Happy Quilting.

Supplies needed:

  • Square in a Square ruler available here: https://www.sewfabulousquilts.com/collections/notions-gifts/products/square-in-a-square-ruler-quick-easy-quilts-book-combo

  • Kisses From Your Beloved Samper Quilt Book available here: https://www.sewfabulousquilts.com/collections/patterns-and-books/products/kisses-from-your-beloved

  • Rotary cutter & mat
  • Neutral thread works well with this project as there are multiple colors

  • Sewing machine (in good working order and you are familiar with using) and a power strip

  • Basic sewing supplies: pins, scissors, seam ripper, ruler to measure in 1/8" increments up to 10 1/2" (to see the accuracy of your quilt block)
  • Optional: Iron and ironing pad (I will provide some ironing stations but you may prefer to bring your own)
  • Pillow or cushion to give added height to the chair as the chairs are a little short for the table using a machine.
  • Additional fabric will be available to purchase: quilt backing (4 yards), binding (1 yard), borders and sashing (2 yards dark and 2 yards light). You will have the option to choose your focal fabrics from the fabrics included in block collections to coordinate the sashing and borders.
  • Batting for quilt completion
  • Note: Class does not include longarm quilting however, you may choose to have your quilt long-armed.
  • Note: Class will start at 6:00 as the Center closes at 9:00 so we need to start on time. So please plan to come a little early if possible.
  • Note: chairs at Georgia Taylor Rec Center sit pretty low so bring a pillow or stadium cushion to help boost the height.

    NOTE: Monday night Class Schedule

    January 8 Lesson 1

    January 22 Lesson 2 

    January 29  Lesson 3

    February 12  Lesson 4  

    March 4  Lesson 5

    March 11  Lesson 6 

    March 18 Lesson 7

    March 25 Lesson 8 

    April 1 Lesson 9

    April 8  Lesson 10 

    April 15 Lesson 11 

    April 22 Lesson 12 

    April 29 Lesson 13

    May 4, Saturday, Quilt compilation - All Day event, No Charge!

    Makeup Class To be determined, if needed


    Additional resources:

    The SNS technique is great for quilt design. The SNS Technique (Volume 1) and SNS Diamond Technique (Volume 2) have 44 options to create precise star points, adapt patterns, option sizes and so much more! One ruler, 44 options, unlimited combination possibilities.

    Technique reference book (30 detailed diagrams for 30 quilt patterns plus-sizing charts):


    Diamonds by the Square Book:


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